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Heya' everyone! -.-"

             Just coming out with a few quick facts and some Q&A time, sorry to bother you guys but I've had some concerning questions about recent events.

We feature works on our groups page, much easier than doing a journal entry for features. It's a randomized thing and it changes periodically. We usually try to feature members works only, but if it's in one of our galleries chances are it could be plastered on there. & If not, you can request it and I'll happily make a list and put it on there next time I switch them!

Declining or Approving art  As you should already know, we don't accept manga style art & chances are if you submit it, it will be declined. Sorry guys! But there really is no exception to that rule. Now if you're not sure about your piece, feel free to ask a contributor or co-founder, or the founder (I don't bite ^.^).

I'm here to help with anything I possibly can! So in light of recent events or occurrences, ask away! I'll leave this journal open for Q&A

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